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    The book of Revelation is The Revelation of Jesus Christ which speaks to us in symbols and visions of past, present, and future events which transpire in the earthly and heavenly realms.

    The prophicies of this letter were not fulfilled at the destruction of 1st century Judaism and Jerusalem by the Roman armies. This prophecy covers church history since Calvary down to the End of Time. It is not a book which speaks only to the endtime. It speaks of what has transpired over the generations within the conflict of the ages between the kingdoms of Light and Darkness.

    Current popular interpretations apply most of the book either to the past or to the future; ... very little to the present. Current trends also apply the visions of Revelation in a chronological fashion, ...similar to box cars on a train track linked together, after the other.

    However, this was not how God originally revealed Jesus Christ to mankind upon the earth. Jesus Christ was and is revealed to us in the four gospels : Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The events of Matthew are not 1st, ...then Mark 2nd, ...then Luke 3rd, and ...lastly John. No, they are four witnesses of the same events of the same period of time.

    Four appears in this earthly realm often within God's earthly design. There are four seasons and four directions upon this earth. Israel camped in four 3's around the Tabernacle. The tabernacle had four pillars at the door. Christ is revealed to men in four gospels. And there is one river in the Garden of Eden which became four rivers to water the earth.

    When we see the four simultaneous rivers of the one revealing flowing through the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ a completely different understanding appears. Just as the four gospels give us one continuous picture of Christ, ...the four rivers of revelation give us one picture. The four rivers of revelation are : ...1) The 7 church messages, ...2) The 7 seals, ...3) The 7 trumpets, and ...4) The 7 vials of wrath.

    Just as out of the garden, ...the one river of revelation has four flows. Just as any four natural rivers have different size, current speed, and different nature; ...yet they water the whole earth simultaneously by God's design.

    This earth is not living somewhere between the 3rd and 4th chapters, anticipating escape from the coming chapter's events. We are living somewhere in or near the ...7th Laodicean Church era, the ... 7th Seal events, the ... 7th Trumpet's sounding, and the ... 7th Vial's outpouring of Wrath upon the earth.

    Take a journey with us to see past, present, and future of the conflict of the ages in a differernt light. You deserve an Endtime Alternative to Prophecy. It is later than we think.
    Jesus says; Behold, I come quickly.