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  • Ministry of R. L. Hyde, Sr


    The Whore which is the source of all earthly abominations, spiritual fornications and adulteries is greater than one church system, ...she is greater than one country, ...or one culture, or one generation. The preacher kings of the earth church realm have committed spiritual fornication with her. She is that great spiritual city of Mystery Babylon She is Not Iraq! She is a spiritual city of religious confusion. She is full of spiritual confusion, pride, and filthiness of illicit sexual relations of unfaithfulness to God's words.

    She has been carried by earth's civil political governments through-out the 7 major pagan ruling kingdoms of this earth. AT Her beginning, ...her doctrines and practices were clearly .... religiously PAGAN. Yet over centuries she learned to shield her paganism with the outward trappings of religious christianity. She became a Harlot and Mother of Harlot daughters as she proclaimed herself in the earth as "of God" and christian. Her unfaithfulness to Jehovah God is judged and will be judged.

    Her Unfaithful spirit was carried thru the 7 Pagan kingdoms of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome, and finally the Roman Papacy.

    The Spirit said to John on Patmos, "The beast that was, and is not, and yet is. The seven mountains upon which the woman sitteth; ...are seven kings: five are fallen (Egypt thru Greece) and one is (Rome) and the other is not yet come.(the Roman Papacy) The beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth and is of the seven."

    She is of those who say they are Jews (God's People), but are not. All the time they were actuallythe seat of Satan ... and yet proclaiming themselves to a prophetess church with the revelation of God's word. They are now and will be killed with spiritual death.

    The restoration and reviving of the spirit of the Roman Empire has happened. It is done! Yet, the preacher kings have carried the Harlot's doctrines and character and never saw it.

    It's not Europe! ..It's not the US! ..It's not Iraq! ..It's the Church! It is the Religious spirit. In the church is where you can find the Roman spirit.


    Come Out of Her Traditions!
    Come Out of Her Doctrines!
    Come Out of Her Organizational Structures!
    Come Out of Her Trinity Baptism! ..... of Father, Son & Holy Ghost.
    Come Out of Her Trinitarian Godhead!
    Come Out of Her Paganism!

    Get back on the foundation of Jesus Christ and his apostles.