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"Lifting up Truth that's Fallen in the Street"   Isaiah 59:14


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  • Ministry of R. L. Hyde, Sr


    The Protestant Reformation did not destroy the Roman Papacy; ... "the deadly wound was healed". Another beast followed the 7th head mountain of Roman Catholicism.

    Today an 8th beast of ecumenicalism "which is of the seven" is raising it's head in the earth. It appears as a harmless little lamb upon the christian and world's religious landscape. This ecumenical spirit has done much in the last 30 years to "mix the iron" of Roman Catholicism "with the miry clay" of Protestantism. Protestants and Pentecostals fellowship with their "strong as iron" Catholic Mother Harlot.

    The Charismatic spirit has brought the fire of the Holy Spirit into the Harlot Church systems religious confusion and spiritual fornication spirit. The Babylonian harlot is seducing again. Making an image or a reflection of the earlier religious system the 1st beast used for nearly 1200 years of the dark ages. This new ecumenical image system has turned the hearts of the christian community back to the to the beast, ...back to their Mother, ...back to the 7th head of Catholicism..

    The Holy Spirit is crying, Come Out of Her My People. But for the most part they can not hear.

    Most of Christianity thinks they are separated from their Roman Catholic Whore Mother. But they are not. Most Protestants may have given up Her worshipping of images, her purgatory, her celibacy and her succession of popes, etc.

    Yet the Protestants have retained the Mother Harlot's ecclesiastical systems of ruling bishops and political organizational structures. Some have kept the Harlot's attitude of traditions over scriptureal truth. Most all Protestants have kept Mystery Babylon's easy salvation and believism without a born again experience.

    And most all Protestants; ...Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Church of Christ, & etc, ...along with most Pentecostals and Charismatics have kept Her Roman Catholic Baptism; ... in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. and Her Roman Catholic Trinity doctrine of God.

    This harmless appearing ecumenical move of our day is speaking softly, a lamb. And when it is fully developed it will use its religious and civil authority to once again speak with the same dominating spiritof the ol' devil,, the dragon, ....just as he did during the 1200 years when she wore out the saints.

    The Eighth Head of the Beast will put the Mark of the Beast upon humanity. Again it will attempt to destroy everyone who does not submit to its control. Everyone who submits spiritually and intellectually during this endtime, .... small and great, rich and poor, free and bond will be marked by the beast as they submit to the endtime ecumenical image to the beast. Most are submitting now.

    Men are receiving "the mark of the beast" in their hands by fellowshipping the Mother Harlot Babylon Anti-Christ religious system. Men are receiving "the mark of the beast" in their foreheads by retaining Her Thinking in their Minds.


    There is a people who have heard the voice of the Bridegroom crying out in the earth, as a lion roareth. They have heard his voice, "The bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him." They are trimming their lamps and traveling through the spirtual darkness of this endtime generation to meet Jesus. They have enough anointing oil of revelation to light their paths during the endtime.