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"Lifting up Truth that's Fallen in the Street"   Isaiah 59:14


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  • Ministry of R. L. Hyde, Sr


    On the island of Patmos, apostle John witnessed a 7-head 10-horned beast rise out of the sea. It still carried some of the character of the lion, leopard, and bear kingdoms Daniel saw. It is an amalgamated beast. It is more than one beast. It is a complilation of religious confusion which has continued through the 7 great kingdoms of the world : Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medes-Persians, Greece, Pagan Rome, and Papal Rome. False anti-Jehovah religion did not begin with Catholicism. Roman Catholicism was only the 7th head of this beast that carried the Harlot.

    In time the beast's 7th head kingdom of Roman Catholicism was wounded by the sword of the spirit : the Word of God as it was used by Martin Luther. The 7th Papal Rome was wounded and lost much of its power. Out of the 7th wounded head came the Protestant harlot daughter religious systems. They were different but also like their roman catholic mother in so many ways. They rebelled on many worthwhile issues but kept her basic rebellion and adulterous affairs with the religious doctrines of Man.

    The 1260 years of religious oppression came to an end over much of the earth. Nations threw off the yoke of Roman tyranny. Democracy thrived. A Magna Charter. The Bill of Rights. Freedoms of Speech, Press, Assembly, and Religion. The nations came out of the dark ages of Catholicism.

    The 7th head of Roman Catholicisim was only wounded. The Beast did not die. It lives. An 8th beast turns the nations of the earth back to 7th.