An Endtime Prophecy Alternative
If you are a proponent of your local Bible bookstore's prophecy teachers then you need AN ENDTIME PROPHECY ALTERNATIVE so that you can give yourself an opportunity to hear what the Spirit of God is speaking by the Holy Ghost to other vessels who are not in that circle. Yes, God is speaking and has spoken of endtime events in a different light than the popularly accepted Left Behind version. You deserve to give yourself and your loved ones an opportunity to hear what is happening and what will happen from a completely different Holy Ghost perspective.

The Left-Behind Series
The popularity of the fictional Left-Behind Series is a sign of the present state of affairs within the church; .... not merely the future. The Spirit of Jesus Christ came to his Church, his body of believers, during the 20th century to prepare his people of the earth for his 2nd coming. So many failed to acknowledge him and were truly Left Behind.

Rapture : A Secret Escape
Prior to Darby and Scofield, prominent Christian ministers knew nothing of a 2 stage coming of Christ or secret rapture for the church prior to the AntiChrist. John Wyclif, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Foxe, John Calvin, Isaac Newton, and John Wesley never mentioned a secret rapture of the church. Margaret MacDonald's Visions, John Darby's 2 stage secret rapture views of the 1800's and Scofield's 1909 Scofield Reference Bible greatly influenced the spreading of the secret rapture teaching. Margaret's Vision....

Endtime Signs of Christ's Soon Return
We live in a generation saturated with SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Jesus Christ has not been silent but speaking freely by the Holy Spirit about his present and future purposes. The signs of the times are all around us. The bookstore prophecy teachers have insight into many but have also missed or ignored many other endtime signs. As an ENDTIME PROPHECY ALTERNATIVE we wish to share the usual signs of the end but we will also share with you other signs the Holy Spirit has revealed. We don't see clearly. But we do see what others may have not.

Mark of the Beast
The Mark of the Beast is not a super computer, ....nor the imprinting of invisible numerals upon people's foreheads and hands, ....nor the use of optical scanners, ....nor buying and selling with "plastic cards", ....nor "EFT" (electronic funds transfer), nor even worshipping on Sunday, it is.....

Anti-Christ in the Temple
Would the real Anti-Christ please stand up! No need to wait any longer. An individual named "The AntiChrist" is not found in the Bible. Nor does the Bible say Satan will sit on any throne in Jerusalem...but he will sit in the temple.

Un-Veiling the Harlot
We of the latter part of the 20th century are facing a different image of Mystery Babylon that the image that was projected during any of the seven great kingdoms; ... We are facing the Beast-Harlot's best ... the EIGHTH MANIFESTATION, "which is of the seven." (Rev 17:11 Her greatest and last deception just before she "goeth into perdition."

Mystery Babylon : Part 2
(Part 1 is The Two Babylons by Hislop) Part 2 attempts to bring the revelation of the Mother Harlot current to the 21st century.

De-Throning Christ
The doctrine and spirit of the Nicolaitans is alive and well in Christianity and in the House of the Lord.