Why All the Debate over the different versions?

Why does the King James have more scripture?

Bibles, Bibles, Bibles everywhere but WHICH Word of God to eat? Have you been in a Christian book store lately and noticed the wide variety of Bibles on the shelves?

They have :

Computer Bibles --Adventure Bibles -- Illustrated Bibles--American Standard--Electronic Bibles

Open Bibles--Country Bibles--Desert Shield Bibles--Scofield Bibles--MacBibles

Student Bibles--Catholic Bibles --Serendipity Bibles-- Children's Bibles--Dake Bibles

Baptist Bibles--Charismatic Bibles--Annotated Bibles--Wesley Bibles--Devotional Bibles--Ryrie Bibles

Key Bibles--Thompson Chain--Daily Walk Bibles--Disciples Bibles--King James Bibles-- Living Bibles

Revised Standard--Family Bibles--New King James--Jerusalem BIbles--Good News BIbles

Contemporary English Bibles--Chronological Bibles--Comparative Bible-- Everyday Bibles

Parallel Bibles--Rainbow Bibles--Norman Rockwell Bibles

and that's not all, ....... there's more besides......

(There will likely be more by the time you read this.)

Have you ever wondered why all of these Bibles and translations are now in book stores?

About 30 years ago, the Holy Spirit revealed that the time would come when ministers would have difficulty in coming together in a spirit of unity around the Holy Scripture. A confusion would arise from using so many different versions of scripture. This would come about as a Work of Satan to bring confusion and prevent unity in the Body of Christ. The Spirit of God said at that time, about 30 years ago, to stay with the KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE so as not to enter into this confused spirit created by the Devil. Since 1958 over half a dozen major English translations have hit the bookshelves: Amplified(1965), Jerusalem Bible(1966), New English Bible(1970), Living Bible(1971), New American Standard(1971), Good News for Modern Man(1976), New International Version(1978), and New King James Version(1982).


The reasoning and justification for this increase in Bible choices may have been to create a more God-knowledgeable people.......but, just the opposite seems to be true. Men now use their intellect and language abilities to decide what God has said. Jesus said..."Ye shall know a tree by the fruit it bears". This multiplication of Bibles and scholarship should have generated, ....increased fruits of righteousness, faith in God and holiness in conduct. However, Faith in God does not seemed to have increased, ...but rather decreased; righteous and Godly living do not appear to have improved either. The Christian community as a whole, is in more of a declining and backsliding state now than 50 years ago before all these versions were developed.

At one time in history men and women believed that their Bible was GOD'S WORD to their lives. NOW, many Christian people do not accept their Bible as an ACCURATE and AUTHENTIC book written under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. Criticism, debate, and Scripture variations have played right into the schemes of Satan. People once purchased a Bible looking for accuracy and authenticity. Now people look for a Bible which reads easy and is written in a contemporary readable style. Why?... Could it be that Men are not searching after the genuine, authenic, and accurate WORDS OF GOD, ..but simply want another religious book? Could it be that men want to interpret what God has said from their own "well of experience and knowledge"?

Interpreting the Word of God

However, for those who believe that the Bible is Accurate and Authenic, we receive the words of the 2nd epistle of Peter which states that the Scripture was written by the Spirit of God through holy men and is not open to individual interpretation by anyone. "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man : but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost." (2 Peter 1:19)

But you might say, "Someone has to interpret what God has said". God may be God, BUT, he needs man to explain and interpret, rather than to simply PREACH what God said. . Consenting to this idea leads to the concept which has wrought havoc among the Christian faith, and that is, .....that God needs theology to explain what he says.

This infers that God is somewhat incompetent and inept in saying what he wants to say. The implication is that He is a poor communicator. You should regard this viewpointwith great skepticism. God did say, by the Holy Ghost in Scripture that, "Let God be true but every man a liar" (Rom 3:4)

God interprets His own Word. That is why He prohibits private individual interpretation. Often our patience is tested when someone else attempts to interpret our words us . Why? Because you are the only one who knows for certain what you meant.

Without Faith - It's Impossible to Please God

Man can only approach God by one method .., and that is FAITH ! The revelation of Jesus Christ DOES NOT come by language scholarship or manuscript research. If the revelation of Jesus Christ came by language and manuscript research, then the generations of christians who lived closer to the actual time of Christ and to the actual time of language usage would have had a much clearer concept of scriptural thought, ....with very little difference of opinion about what God had said. However, historical accounts of the 1st several generations and centuries of the Christian church makes it clear that division and confusion was very prevalent then also. Thus there must be some element of greater value than familiarity with the written language and its usage. There is. It is spiritual revelation.

Revelation comes by the Holy Spirit of God unveiling Himself. The unveiling is an act of the Holy Ghost, .... NOT expertise in word meanings or theology. Remember, it's the anointed preacher, regardless of his education, who has received the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST. It is the Preacher's gospel message which delivers souls from sin; ...Not Hebrew and Greek scholarhip. Of course we owe great honor to those early ministers who God anointed to translate the scriptures into the everyday language of the people. Nevertheless, scholars and theologians will continue to debate the scripture text to divert our attentions. Don't be distracted !

The Holy Spirit said on one occasion, ...."Satan can not be cast out by your Strongs dictionary." The truth of that statement is self evident once you have fought the powers of darkness. The only weapon which is effective in resisting the Satanic powers of unbelief is the same one Jesus used....."IT IS WRITTEN"......"IT IS WRITTEN"......"IT IS WRITTEN". There MUST be a CONFIDENCE in the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God and an UNWAVERING FAITH in God's ability to reveal himself through scripture, .....even in the face of all the criticisms leveled at scripture or the Bible.


Yes, one criticism is that the Bible contains miscellaneous and inexplainables errors. One answer to these criticisms is found in books written to explain "difficult passages". These are carried in most local Bible book stores. However, another answer to these criticisms may be that, ..... Jehovah God wrote it that way on purpose. (You may disagree.) Why did God write it with "difficult passages" ? God has a way of doing things in such simplicity that it causes the wise and the make-believers to trip and stumble. God did this in ultimate fashion with Jesus! The very one God sent to bless His people became a STUMBLING BLOCK and A SNARE to them! Jesus Christ! God lays traps and snares for the unbelievers in HIS WORD! That which God ordained as precious to the believers, .....became confusion "and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense, even to them that stumble at THE WORD." (1 Peter 2:8)

Israel sought not God by faith, and they stumbled at that stumbling stone and rock of offense. It is God's way to lay down stumbling blocks, so that only through Faith men can come into a relationship with God. So we should not think it strange that many can not accept the Scripture as God's Word, ....they are simply stumbling at THE WORD again, .....tripped up by their own unbelief!


The next several pages contain about 200 New Testament references, where words and whole verses have been removed from the Bible and given the name, ....the New International Version Bible. No, the King James Version Bible still contains all of the Word of God. However, you should know that the following versions; the Good News for Modern Man, the Revised Standard, the New English Bible, the New American Standard, the Jerusalem Bible, .....and the New International Version, ...ALL show most of the following changes and omissions in scripture. Thus, when a person reads from any of the above mentioned Bible Versions, he is always reading less than the whole or complete Word of God as compared to that found in the King James Version.

Why do all of these other Bible Versions contain less Scripture than the King James Bible? Why do all of these other Bible Versions agree ...... in their disagreement .....with the King James Version Bible? It is because of their common source. None of the above versions come from the same source as the King James Bible.

These newer versions have been written from a different set of manuscripts, .....from different sources, than the manuscript sources from which came the King James Version. The King James Bible readers have simply more scripture. These other versions have less scripture, with several pages of words, phrases, thoughts, and verses erased. Yes, the scholars and theologians have REMOVED portions from God's Word. (Not literally, because it is "forever settled in heaven".) It is enough to merely create doubt and a lack of confidence that mankind possesses an authenic and accurate written communication from the God of the Universe. It accomplishes many objectives for the kingdom of darkness by sowing disunity and a confusion, which sets multitudes a-drift on life's sea without a beacon or a lighthouse to steer them. The absolute is gone for many. Truth has been deleted. "Truth lies fallen in the street." Their faith says that Nothing awaits them, except to fall into the hands of a God who they were told did not exist, ....and a God who was not capable of speech.

The following charts will show you what has been removed from these other Bible translations; .....yet still remains in the KJV. I have personally verified that each change or omission noted in the following lists is just that way in the NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION BIBLE. (any errors are unintentional) I checked the NIV because of its popularity today. If you have one of these other versions compare it with the list. You will be surprised at how much has been removed. Following the N.T. list of omissions I have written a few specific teachings the readers of these newer versions have missing from their Bibles in these specific passages.

I spell out for you some specific Scriptural Truths which are not found in THESE TRANSLATIONS ANY MORE!


{ "*" means it is still in the NIV. }


If you read from the Revised Standard Bible, Jerusalem Bible, American Standard Bible, Living Bible, New International Version Bible, and have missing from your Bible more or less the same as the NIV. Why? Because they all come from the same Greek Bible manuscripts. Which is a different set of Greek manuscripts than the King James Version was written from.

Now let me show a "few" examples of what Truths Still Remain in the KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE, but ARE MISSING from these NEWER TRANSLATIONS. There is some variation among each. Only a verse by verse comparison, .... as was here done with the NIV, ...will give you an accurate picture

Missing In MATTHEW.

17:21..prayer and fasting no longer needed to casts out devils.

18:11..the Son of Man is no longer come to save the lost.

19:9...It is no longer adultery to be married to one put away.

Missing In MARK.

1:31...Peter's mother-in-law's fever no longer leaves immediately. longer will it be more tolerable in the day of judgement for Sodom than the city that rejects God's messengers.

7:8....the washing of pots and cups is no longer reproved as a tradition held above the commandment of God.

10:21..following Jesus no longer includes taking up the cross

10:24..trusting in riches no longer makes it hard to enter kingdom

11:26..forgiving others is no longer required for God to forgive me

13:33..watching the for coming of the Lord no longer includes prayer.

16:9-20.. these verses are no longer reliable as inspired scripture.

Missing in LUKE

2:33...Joseph is now Jesus' father and parent (v43) longer does Jesus say we live by every Word ofGod longer does Jesus say Get behind me Satan.

9:55...Jesus no longer rebukes James and John for wanting to call fire down from heaven to destroy men's lives

22:64..Jesus is no longer struck in the face.

Missing in John

1:14,18.Jesus is no longer the only begotten of the Father.

4:42...Jesus is simply a man, no longer the Christ.

Missing In ACTS

8:37...Phillip no longer asks the eunuch if he believes--nor does the Eunuch reply..I believe Jesus is the Son of God.

10:6...the angel no longer instructs Cornelius that Peter shall tell him what he ought to do.

17:26..all nations are no longer of one blood.

Missing In ROMANS

1:29...fornication is no longer included as unrighteousness.

8:1....walking after the flesh no longer brings condemnation.

13:9...lying is no longer included as a work of the flesh. longer is ...not regarding a day, as unto the Lord.


5:7....Christ is no longer sacrificed for us.

6:20...we are no longer commanded to glorify God in our spirit, just in the flesh.

7:5....fasting is no longer included with prayer.

7:39...the law no longer binds a wife to husband long as he lives.

15:47..the 2nd man is from heaven, but he is no longer the Lord.


3:1....the covenant is no longer confirmed in Christ.

4:7....we are sons and heirs of God, but no longer through Christ.


3:9....God created all things, but no longer by Christ Jesus.

3:14...knees bow to the Father, but no longer to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

5:30...we are no longer of his flesh and of his bones.


1:14...redemption and forgiveness of sins is no longer through his blood.

2:11...the circumcision of Christ no longer puts off the body of sins of the flesh.

Missing In 1ST TIMOTHY

1:17...God is no longer wise.

3:16...God is no longer manifest in the flesh.

6:5....Timothy is no longer instructed to withdraw himself from those who suppose that gain is godliness.

Missing In HEBREWS

7:21...Jesus is prophesied of being a priest, but no longer after the order of Melchisedec.

10:34..our better and enduring substance is no longer in heaven.

11:11..Sara is no longer herself...she is Abraham.

Missing In 1ST PETER

4:1....Christ suffered in the flesh, but no longer for us

Missing in 1ST JOHN

4:3....the spirit of antichrist no longer has to acknowledge that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. longer do these three bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost; nor are these three one.


1:8....the Alpha and Omega is no longer the beginning & ending.

1:11...Jesus no longer says that he is the Alpha & Omega, the first and the last.

11:17..the Lord God Almighty is the past and present, but no longer is he of the future to come.


These are just a few of the New Testament omissions and changes which occur in the NIV, RSV, ASV, NASB, JB, and etc. Take a few minutes and study the list for how many whole verses were taken out by these translators. Of course, the KJV has known revisions in 1629, 1638, 1762, 1769, and 1982. Each KJV revision was done to reflect current English usage. The King James Version Bibles sold today are the 1769 revision of the KJV. The New King James Version is the 1982 revision. The revisions however, still used the same Greek manuscripts each time.

Why do these versions, which have made their presence known in book stores, differ so much from the KJV? Simply put, is their Greek sources. (Remember the New Testament was written in the language of that day, .....which was Greek.) There are nearly 5000 documents on record which contain writings of Scripture. None of the documents contain the whole Bible. Each contains portions. Some more, some less. These have been divided into two stacks. A Majority stack and a Minority stack.

The Majority stack of manuscripts are just that -- a Majority -- several thousand of them. The Minority stack is well named, too. It only contains about 5 to 10 manuscript documents. A comparison of 2000 +/- documents ...TO... 10 +/- documents. Therefore, we really only have two Greek Textbases or two Greek Bibles. One is the nearly 2000 +/- Majority Greek Text Manuscripts, .....from which came the KJV. The other is the 10 +/- Minority Greek Text Manuscripts, .....from which came the NIV, JB, RSV, ASV, NASB, and etc.

For instance, if you have a Strong's Concordance, it is based on the Majority Greek Received Textbase Manuscript stack of the KJV. But if you have a Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon, it is based on the Westcott-Hort Minority Textbase Manuscript stack. If you have a New American Standard Version, it is based on the Nestles Greek, which is almost the same as the Westcott-Hort. Their agreement is, ....they both disagree with the KJV almost the same number of times. (They both agree 1995 times in their differences with KJV) The NIV says it uses an eclectic Greek Textbase. This means it draws from both the Majority and the Minority manuscript stacks. But, when you compare the NIV with the KJV, see that the NIV still disagrees with the KJV up to 6000 times and yet agrees with all the others of the Minority Textbase stack. So being eclectic did not count for much, did it.

All Greek New Testaments which follow the Westcott-Hort, the Nestle's, and United Bibles Societies format, ...ALL yield a similar Bible with less scripture than the KJV, ...and are based upon fewer manuscripts. (from 5%-10%). The King James Version went with the Majority Textbase manuscript stack where close to 90% of the manuscripts agree among themselves...and not with the 5%-10% Minority Texts manuscripts which have a lower rate agreement among themselves.


Most Bible versions since 1611 depend upon this other MINORITY TEXTBASE stack, sometimes called the Alexandrian Textbase. It includes two of the oldest manuscripts, (which are written in CAPITAL LETTERS) and are known as the Codex Vaticanus and the Codex Sinaiticus. These two manuscripts are clearly much older, BUT when you compare these two older manuscripts with the other 5-10 Minority manuscripts from the minority group, see more variation and a lower rate of uniformity than among the Majority Texts.

Erasmus and the other 14th century (1500?) Greek scholars used only the Majority Textbase manuscripts. Even though the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus date earlier than other manuscripts to around 350 AD., ...they were not used by the 14th century (1500?) scholars because they were not discovered until the 1800's.

Did the finding of these somewhat older manuscripts make for a more accurate Bible? A little closer observation of these two older manuscripts reveals why they stayed hid for so long. It no doubt was not for their authenticity or accuracy, ....but from the embarrassment at their errors.

These two older manuscripts show the same type of problems that most Greek manuscripts show, except worse. They show the handwriting of more than 1 copiest, ...Sinaiticus has about10. Both were more carelessly prepared than any other manuscripts, ...with letters, words and even sentences repeated throughout. Repeatedly, ...words, phrases, verses, and clauses are left out. The Sinaiticus shows more than 14,800 alterations and corrections. It is not surprising that it was found in a wastebasket, though they had given up on correcting it. Both show from 7000-9000 word changes, including omits, adds, substitutions, transposes, and modifications. These two, ...although about 100 years older than any other manuscripts in existence, fall within the Minority group of maybe a dozen others. These dozen are contrasted with the nearly 5000 other manuscripts of the Majority Text group. If you wish to study this in more detail, there are several books which are listed at the end to help you.


In all fairness, must realize that 80% to 90% of the text of the Greek New Testament is firmly established, without debate, from close to 5000 different manuscripts. For the remaining 10% to 20% of text, which Greek scholars have problems with, ....its only fair to state that:

A> Even the difficult problem passages have agreement in 8 out of 10 words.

B> These problem passages do not change the basic sense of the text.

C> Many of these problems can't even be represented in the English language--they only appear in Greek.

D> It is also rare for a problem to have any influence upon major doctrines of the New Testament.

This study has been clearly enlightening to myself, and I felt that "God bade me" to share this information with you. Hopefully it may help you to understand "why all the fuss" (in case you've ever wondered) and...... WHY, ......though we read from other versions, we consider THE KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE, ..... as JEHOVAH GOD'S ....INSPIRED, ....HOLY, ...and .....COMMUNICATED WORD OF GOD.


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