So Many Bibles ??
Which Bible to buy? Does any one Bible have more Truth? Look further to see which truths are omitted from the NIV and other bible versions?

Jesus : The Theme of Scriptures
In the O.T. Jehovah veiled his plans so men could not clearly see Christ, yet He pointed to his intentions through words, phrases, titles, and names which pointed to the Messiah; describing the Christ in shadow language.

Sweet Hour of Prayer, Sweet Hour of Prayer, that draws me from a world of care, And bids me at my Father's throne, ...

O. T. Quotations in the N. T.
The Holy Spirit Interprets His Word different than we do? Have you ever wondered about all of the references in the margins of your Bible?

Crucifixion on Good Friday??
Herein you will find a chart that explains how Jesus' Crucifixion did not occur on Good Friday. Of course, if Jesus fudged on 3 days and 3 nights, then ......

Hearing the Rhema, is not the Logos
"While Peter yet spake these Rhema, (words or utterance,) the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the Logos (concept or thought.)" They all heard his speech, his Rhema, the spoken words, but only those who caught the Logos, the concept or idea behind what he had said, received the Holy Ghost. Do you see the difference?

Christian or Roman Baptism ?
Pope John said to the leaders of the major protestant denominations, you might as well join us, "you have our baptism." Did you know that almost every major protestant denomination, has Roman Catholic baptism rather than Christian Baptism?

Hear My Confession
Heavenly Father, please hear my confession, for I have sinned ...

Why I Never Saw The Passion Movie
A copy of the movie laid un-opened for weeks on the shelf. I never felt inclined to watch it. I fully intended to view Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. One day, during an internet search I came across some real negative criticism's of the movie. I clicked. Whoa! I found out it is a Catholic Training Union film teaching Catholicism's 14 stations of the cross which focus on Jesus' last hours.
I was spared from grossed distortions of scripture, extra-biblical ideas of Christ's Passion, and the elevating of a Catholic nun (with definite demon relationships) to the same level of scripture authorship as Peter, James, John, Luke and Paul. Truth Fallen in the Street. Read and be amazed!

Satan's Singing Again In the Temple
Since Satan's rejection from the heavenly realm into the earth, he has has used his music ability to inject his influence into all types of music. His influence of pride, lust, and rebellion are woven all through secular music and even much of today's gospel music.

Monotheists in History
During the past 2000 years of church history there have been specific ministers who have rejected the popular Trinity Concept teaching of Romanism.

Charismatica : The Charismatics
Someone has said of the Charismatics : There has probably never been a gospel which has promised so much and yet demanded so little. This gospel has been tailored to fit the baby boomers and baby-busters of the post WWII generations. It is a gospel fueled by pride, covetousness, materialism, and prosperity.

Jehovah in New Testament
All Old Testament verses which contain LORD (JEHOVAH) in them and are quoted in New Testament passages show us that JEHOVAH is contained within those N.T. verses, too. Most New Testament publishers do not show this.

Mighty God in Christ : Monotheism
"I often wonder at people who think that in heaven they are going to see three Gods. If you ever see three Gods, then what the Mohammedans say about you is true and what the Jewish neighbor says about you is true. You are not a monotheist, you are a polytheist. You believe in a multiplication of Gods, plural. "Hear O Israel, the LORD our God is one God..."..... the true christian is a monotheist. There is one God. " I and my Father are one." "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father."