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Jesus Changes You
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Hungry for Vision
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A Surprise Attack
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11.08.15pm ~ Johnny Turner ~ "The Lord has need of thee"
video mobile
11.07.15pm ~ Jason Kennedy ~ "Anointed to Stand" video mobile
11.06.15pm ~ Steve Simpson ~ "Joy" video mobile
11.05.15pm ~ Johnny Williams ~ "Joseph-Samuel-David" video mobile
08.23.15pm ~ Brahm French ~ "Preaching...." video mobile
08.22.15pm ~ Brahm French ~ "Come Closer" video mobile
08.21.15pm ~ Brahm French ~ "Ministry in Vulnerability" video mobile
08.20.15pm ~ Brahm French ~ "Tied at a Crossroad" video mobile
06.14.15am ~ Al Humphreys ~ "Preaching ..." video mobile
05.30.15pm ~ Edward Steine ~ "Preaching ...." video mobile
05.29.15pm ~ Gerald Hyde ~ "He Keeps Changing Us" video mobile
05.28.15pm ~ Mitchel James ~ "Regeneration" video mobile
04.06.14pm ~ Johnny Turner ~ "Travail in Birth" video mobile
02.23.14pm ~ Mark Tipton ~ "Jesus Breaking Chains" video mobile
02.22.14pm ~ Mark Tipton ~ "Hungry for Vision" video mobile
02.21.14pm ~ Mark Tipton ~ "Preaching" video mobile
08.11.13pm ~ Ted Simpson ~ "Testimony & Preaching" video mobile
11.20.13pm ~ Virgil Gibson ~ "A Surprise Attack" video mobile
12.05.13pm ~ Eddy Cochran ~ "Preaching" video mobile
12.16.12pm ~ Gary Bryant ~ "I Am Alpha & Omega" video mobile
12.23.12pm ~ Daniel Amparan~ "Jesus Changes You" video mobile
09.23.12pm ~ Petey Tipton ~ "It's Always Been Jesus Only" video video iphone mp3
09.22.12pm ~ Johnny Tipton ~ "God is Searching" video iphone mp3
09.21.12pm ~ Mark Tipton ~ "Beheading Goliath" video iphone mp3
12.04.11pm ~ Gino Magdos ~ "A Road Full of Promises" video iphone mp3