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Ministry Experiences of Elder R. L. Hyde, Sr.
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R.L. & Reba Hyde

Elder R. L. Hyde was sent to our Hyde Family and to any others who might have received God's message through his ministry, to help bring us out of the Harlot Church and Mystery Babylon Christian Religious Systems. These excerpts are from his ministry and The Mystery Babylon Message should help "if you have an ear to hear what the Spirit has said."

Submission to Christ's Salvation
I ran from God for many years but I refused to acknowledge the fact. In 1954 my father asked me to attend a revival, which was being held at Brother Jack Cry's church. I agreed to go with my father because I wanted to discover why things were not working out in my life. When we arrived at the church and walked through the front door I began to be under conviction. My father and I went down to the basement to join the other men in the church in prayer before the service began. It was while we were down in the basement that I confessed that I was not leaving the basement until I got saved. When we went upstairs I felt that a huge burden was lifted from me.

While the Lord was trying to get me to serve him with all my heart he showed me standing before his throne and he showed me that my name was not in the book of life. Then he ordered that I be taken away and soldiers in uniform came and escorted me across the room. While they led me to a wall I was begging for another chance. The wall slid back and in its place I saw outer darkness and the guards were preparing to throw me into the outer darkness, which was the lake of fire. When I awoke I prayed and besought the Lord that he would not allow me to suffer this fate.

In spite of my experience at that prayer meeting during that revival, I did not receive complete deliverance. Although I went to church I could not seem to let go of the world. In 1956 a certain minister came to town to hold a meeting. After relentless pleading from my family members I agreed to go to the meeting on a particular night. The meeting was being held in the Arnold School auditorium. I went inside, sat down, and fell asleep because I was tired after working in the restaurant. I remained half-asleep during the service until the preacher began to minister to the people. It was at this time that the Lord woke me up. As I watched what was happening I realized that this was of God and I promised the Lord that if he would keep me in my right mind until Sunday that I would attend church until he would save me. On the following Sunday I went to church. For the next three months I attended church faithfully and it was during that time that I felt that I had received the victory that I needed.

Prayer by H. Richard Hall
Before I had to close the restuarant, I went to a tent meeting, which was being conducted by H. Richard Hall. During the service before Brother Hall began praying for people I told the Lord that if he would show Brother Hall my problem that I knew that the Lord would heal me. When It came my turn to be prayed for Brother Hall asked the Lord to"take away these periods of oblivion (darkness) from this young man." At once I felt pressure being released from my head and it was like air conditioning coming up from my spine to the base of my skull. I left the platform praising God and I began to make my way back to my seat.

But before I could reach my seat Brother Hall called me back to the platform. When I reached the platform he told me that the Lord had a work for me to do and that I was to travel to the mountains to fast and to pray until the Lord spoke to me. I made some attempts to go to the mountains but I was afraid to leave my wife alone with the management of the restaurant. As a result of my hesitation I failed to obey the Lord and go to the mountains.

After making two unsuccessful attempts to go to the mountains I gave up and returned to the restaurant business and purchased two restaurants. About a month after all of this had happened, that evil spirit returned and the Lord informed me that because I had failed to make up my mind to serve him that I would wrestle with this spirit for the rest of my life. Also he told me if I failed to resist this spirit I would lose my mind.

During this period the Lord also showed me a vision in which I was in an insane asylum if I refused to resist that spirit. After I surrendered to the Lord I attended church regularly and the Lord would give me a burden to work in the altar praying for people. Then during one service I could not feel that burden and the Lord instructed me to look up toward the pulpit and he told me that he was going to use me in the pulpit ministry. Once again I resisted the call of God and the Lord began to chastise me.

During this struggle however, I pleaded with the Lord not to give up on me. The Lord also told me that he would provide for my needs and for the needs of my family, but he warned me that I would not like his methods.

I recall on various occasions that I would attempt to do odd jobs but each time the Lord would allow that spirit to take my mind and I was unable to finish the job. Finally, the Lord gave me an ultimatum in which he told me that if I failed to submit to him I would die. After I surrendered to the Lord I began to fast and pray and the Lord would show me visions.

He showed me a Spiritual Life-Boat. The Lord showed me n a vision people leaving town and we were traveling toward a certain destination. As we began our journey I could see my family in the procession, but as we continued traveling I began to lose sight of my family members. At first I became concerned and then I began to realize that my family would have to find their own way. From that point on I was concerned about reaching my destination. The Lord was showing me through this vision that we will have to make our spiritual journey on our own and not to wait on anybody else.

In a vision, the Lord showed me a large lifeboat that was preparing to dock. There was a wide ramp on which people could walk down and board the boat. As we were waiting to board the boat I saw one of my relatives standing approximately ten feet behind me; and this relative was having a conversation with another individual. This individual did not seem to be very interested in boarding but went along with the crowd; moving forward as the line of people moved forward. So I began to make my way through the crowd of people to try to persuade my relative to hurry up and be ready to board the boat. Then I turned around toward the dock and the boat had already begun to sail and it was fifty feet out into the water.

The Lord showed me through this vision that we must as individuals take responsibility to ensure that we are aboard the spiritual lifeboat. The Lord also showed me that he would help those who were determined to board the lifeboat to get on the lifeboat. But those who were not interested in boarding the lifeboat would be left behind.

Ronnie's Life Spared
For a while I operated a restaurant on North Lee Highway. One day I sent my son Ronnie, who was six years old at the time to the grocery store across the highway. As he was returning to the restaurant a car hit him and a crowd was gathered in front of the restaurant because that was near where the accident took place. Ronnie was laying in front of the restaurant. The man whose car had hit my son told me that he was on his way back from Chattanooga and he saw a blur in front of his car. Thinking that it may be a child he swerved the car in an attempt to avoid hitting whatever it was. Afterwards he turned his car around to see if it was a child. The car's bumper had hit Ronnie's hip and he ran approximately fifty feet from the street to the restaurant where he fell down. After this incident the Lord let me know that he was trying to get my attention and that he had saved my son by a miracle and that he was being merciful to me.

Before God's Judgment Seat
While I still had the restaurant and before I had made up my mind to serve the Lord I had a dream that I was standing before God's judgment seat. In the dream a search was being made to see if my name was in the lamb's book of life. But it was discovered however, that my name was not there. So the Lord ordered two guards to take me away and to cast me into outer darkness. As the guards were leading me away I pleaded with God to show mercy and to give me another chance but it was too late. The guards took me to an elevator door and pushed the door and it opened and all I could see past the door was black darkness. As they were throwing me through the door the dream ended and I awoke. I realized that it was the desire to control my own life that was holding me back from serving God.

A Demonic Experience in Prayer
On one occasion not long after I Had committed my life to the Lord and while I was still in the restaurant business, a demon came into my room while I was praying and began to wrestle with me. The daemon began to squeeze my body parts together as if he were trying to crush me. I was unable to move and I was helpless to resist him and all I could do was to think. The demon told me that if I would stop what I was doing that he would let me go and so I stopped praying and the demon let me go. After I came too I tried to resume praying but the Lord would not allow me to re-enter the state of prayer that I had been in when the demon attacked me. After studying the Bible I discovered that while the devil could torment and harass me; but he did not have the power to kill me because I had been redeemed.

Jesus Came & Blessed My Eyes
I recall an experience I had while living across the street from H. Richard Hall's church. At this time I purchased a large bible and I would kneel down on the floor and read it. Also during this time the Lord would wake me up at two A.M. and I would spend some time praying.

One night when I had gone to sleep I suddenly awoke and saw a man standing at the foot of my bed but I was not afraid because I knew that it was the Lord Jesus. He came around to my side of the bed and he embraced me and he blew his breath into my mouth.

Then he stood and he instructed me to read the thirteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew and then he left the room. Then I found my bible and read the scripture that the Lord had given me and it was where Jesus told His disciples "but blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear" (Matt. 13-16).

When I asked the Lord why he gave me that scripture he told me that I was like one of the twelve apostles to whom he spoke the scripture. From that time onward I believed that God had called me to be an apostle. Later the Lord showed me my end-time ministry of the future.

When the Lord called me to preach he instructed me not to preach what other ministers were preaching. The Lord told me to preach what Peter preached and eventually the Lord opened my understanding as to what he meant. This was almost the hardest trial of my faith because I did not wish to rock the boat. But the Lord gave me strength to obey his command. The Lord told me to lay a foundation. I have tried to lay a foundation in spite of opposition from the Devil. By the grace of God I am still standing on that foundation. The Lord also told me to abandon my education and to speak his word in a simple way so that the uneducated person could understand. When the Lord sent me to visit certain individuals he showed me that their foundations were seriously flawed.

During the time that I had the restaurant I was in church one Sunday morning and the Lord began to deal with me and I began to weep and to cry. I promised the Lord that if he would help me that I would serve him. That day when I returned to the restaurant from church I un-hooked the pinball machine, which added 75 dollars to our weekly income. When my wife informed me that we would not be able to survive without the income from the pinball machine I replied that we would only survive with God's help or we would not survive at all! The next day I had the pinball machine removed from the restaurant.

Loss of the Restaurant
At this particular time I owned a restaurant and in this restaurant we had a pinball machine, which brought a weekly profit of 75 dollars. During this time I began to feel convicted about using the machine. As a result I decided to unplug the pinball machine. Due to the loss of profit from the unused pinball machine, I was forced to close and sell the restaurant. During this time I continued to take my family to church.

Upon closing the restaurant, I decided to turn an old bread truck I had into a portable restaurant with the equipment from my former restaurant. I was able to set up the restaurant on the site where Burlington Mills was being built. At lunchtime during the day I would serve hamburgers and hot dogs to the workers on the construction site. I was able to make approximately 15 to 20 dollars each day and this helped to pay the bills.

Moving to Athens & Chattanooga
About this time I decided to move my family to Athens Tennessee where I found a job as a salesman traveling door to door selling household products. After realizing that I was unable to make enough money to support my family, I moved my family to Chattanooga where I found work at a dairy bottling and shipping milk. I was responsible for keeping the books and checking the routes and receiving the money from the drivers. During this time I began to fall asleep again and my boss sent me to a doctor at the diagnostic center. I was diagnosed with archilepsy and was sent to a Jewish physician to receive treatment; but this doctor disagreed with the diagnosis. He declared that I was too intelligent and alert to be an arkilepsic and he sent me back to work. After I returned to work the sleepiness still continued and I was unable to do my work and as a result I lost my job.

A Vision of the Beast
When I was working at Fields Dairy in Chattanooga the Lord gave me a dream in which a beast resembling a gorilla came into my room and began to wrestle with me on my bed. I held the beast off until my strength gave out and I cried to Jesus for help and to rescue me. About this time a hand reached down from the ceiling and grasped my hand and it was Jesus's hand because I could feel the nail prints in his hand. As soon as his hand touched my hand that beast flew out of the window. After that I was able to sleep soundly for the remainder of the night.

Later in another vision a woman came into my bedroom. Then I remembered that I had locked the door after my wife had left to go to work and there was no way another person could get into the house. After I realized that she was not my wife I began to rebuke her and the woman's face took on a demonic expression. She was attempting to kiss me but I held her arms so she could not reach me. After I had rebuked her two or three times in the name of Jesus she flew through the window.

These experiences in North and in East Chattanooga were the first experiences I had with the spirit of the beast system.

Visions of Last Days Beast & False Church System
The Lord has showed me that in these last days the beast system (false church) would resemble a Methodist Church; a combination between Catholicism and Pentecostalism. It would also reject water baptism in Jesus's name and they would also reject the baptism of the Holy Ghost. The Lord also showed me that under this beast system that ministers would be required to obtain a license in order for them to preach the Gospel. I saw in the Spirit that I had left town for a time and when I returned everything was changed. Everybody worshiped in 1 church. It was a dignified, reverant, organized church. It was like a mixture of Methodist & Episcopalian worship. There was just one type of church worship. (One of my sons saw by the Sprit) ... Everyone was out searching at night with their flash-lights looking for the Beast. But the voice of the Spirit said, The Beast is not our here. He is in the House! ...meaning...The Beast is in the Church House.

On a certain occasion the Lord showed me in a vision that there were several houses of prostitution located in a small neighboring town. Gradually I understood that these were spiritual houses of prostitution (churches that refused to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.) The Lord also showed me that the spirit of big business would enter the Church by placing emphasis on large church buildings and being proud of the large crowds. The Lord showed me this around the time that the supermarkets came into existence.

I was in the Spirit one day when I saw the that movie theaters were taking out the movie screens and putting in pulpits. But they were still entertainment movie houses. They were not houses of worship and truth. The Spirit said the churches were becoming whore houses.

I saw in the Spirit that all the ministers in Knoxville, Tennessee were called to a meeting. They were instructed that within 30 days each preacher was to present an authorized statement of a salary from a church. There was going to be no more free-lance preaching. All preachers were to have a salaried church or they would be picked-up for vagrancy if they preached without a church. I saw city officials come for our church records. But I saw myself burn our church records because I was forewarned. Then a terrible storm came which destroyed buildings and up-rooted trees.

The Spirit spoke to me one day in a dream showing me people were walking out of the city in small groups. I saw them walk along and then just turn and walk into the woods. I could see them go deep into the wilderness. They bulit crude places to live there out of the city...out alone.

The Spirit of Homosexuals Coming out of California
I saw the Homosexual Spirit begin to grow and come out of California moving across the United States as gang of men. Overpowering people as they swept across the country.

Catholicism Overtaking the Church
Recently the Lord showed me in a vision a certain preacher who was walking in the wilderness. carrying a case of food. The Lord allowed me to observe every step he took and every turn that he made. Furthermore, as I glanced back I saw approximately fifteen kids following him; and even though they had lost sight of him, they continued following him because he had the food. These children were about a city block behind the man. While I was looking at the children the Lord instructed me to look behind the children. So I looked behind them and I saw soldiers on horseback traveling and they were about a city block behind the crowd. Furthermore, the soldiers were overtaking the crowd.

In the previously described vision the Lord reminded me of what he had showed me when I started the church. At that time the Lord told me that the spirit of the Catholic Church would take over. In this vision I saw soldiers that resembled Spainards coming on horseback and these soldiers were taking over the city. The Lord also told me that when this happened that if my family did not come together and listen to the message that they would not be saved. The Lord was showing me through these visions that we are in a spiritual warfare.

During the last few years the Lord has shown me that more churches are beginning to resemble movie theaters and whore houses. Many years ago the Lord taught me that when things begin to get bad that everyone would be hunting for the anti-christ. But the Lord showed me that the anti-christ was in the church.

Around fifteen to twenty years ago the Lord showed me that the catholic spirit would take over society and it is now invading the church. The Lord has shown me that we need to try to keep our spirit right and not to take a stand against people. But the Lord also showed me that we need to take a stand against what people believe.

The Lord showed me in a vision that I was in a Trinitarian church and I was invited to come onto the platform. Their were several ministers besides myself who were on the platform and while each minister was preaching the congregation backed the preaching with their amens. But when I began to preach the congregation did not respond and the Lord showed me that their failure to respond was because I did not possess their spirit.

The Lord has continuously shown me that when we come into contact with Trinitarian Pentecostals and they attempt to force their beliefs onto us then we are being spiritually raped. The Lord has also showed me different oneness churches being raped and wounded and no one was available to help them.

The Lord has showed me two groups of people wanting to drive two types of automobiles. One group desires to drive the 1930's model automobiles while the other group desires to drive the modern cadillacs. Then the Lord explained to me that the Trinitarians are trying to get people out of the old-fashioned ways and into the modern ways.

Harlot Church Systems

One time while in my bedroom the Spirit of the Lord spoke out audilby to me in the room. I heard him say clearly. "Oral has gone back into the Harlot Church System". I knew who the voice was speaking about, but I did not believe it was true. I thought this was a lying spirit of the devil, so I rebuked it. I did not receive it. It was not long until it was made public in the news that Oral had joined the Methodist Church.

One of my sons was helping in the church services. I could tell he was trying to make the services more like organized denominational church services. I saw in the Spirit one day a man riding on a horse. He rode the horse up along my son and stopped. He looked down at him and spoke to him. The man said....You will not turn this church into a UPC church. He then rode away and the vision ended. I told my son what the Lord had said about what he was doing.

United States & Nation of Israel
The Lord showed me that as long as our president (at the time of this sermon Ronald Reagan) would support the nation of Israel that he would bless our nation. But he also showed me that if our government turns its back on Israel that our nation would suffer.

Returning to my Early Experiences in Chattanooga

Vision of My Death
It was during this time that we moved to North Chattanooga and it was while we were there that the Lord gave me a dream. In the dream the Lord told me that he was going to give me until the end of December to decide whether or not to serve and obey him. The Lord warned me that if I chose not to serve and obey him that he would remove me from this Earth. He showed me running my car off into Chickamuaga Lake with my son Ronnie with me in the car. I was able to push my son over to the bank so he could climb a shore, but the bank was too steep for me to climb up so as a result I drowned. The Lord also showed me my obituary in the newspaper. As a result of what the Lord had shown me in this dream I resigned from my job on the 29th of December, two days before my obituary.

A Life Spared
After this we moved back to Cleveland where we rented a shotgun house for twenty dollars a month and I began to fast and pray. It was while I was fasting and praying that the Lord showed me my first vision and in the vision I saw one of my nephew's losing his life. As a result of this vision I wrote a letter telling him of what I had seen in the vision and he replied to my letter by telling me to mind my own business. Following this correspondence with my nephew the Lord instructed me to fast and pray. This fast lasted for nineteen days and during this time I cooked the meals while my wife was at work at Woolworth's. On the twentieth day the Lord told me that everything was all right so I ended the fast.

It turned out that a gun could not be taken out of it's holster one moment by a person in anger, while in the next moment it came out easily by another person. Thus a life was saved.

During the trip to visit this family in which the young man's life was spared, the Lord healed my father who had a cerebral hemorrhage.

Vision of My Family Living in Cleveland Area
It was around 1959 when I accepted God's call to the ministry. One day the Lord showed me in a vision a picture on the wall and the picture was shaped like a clock. Each member of my family was represented in the picture and the Lord instructed me to begin praying for my family and to"gather them all into one place." Furthermore, the Lord told me to instruct my family in the gospel, as he would reveal it to me. So I did as the Lord had commanded even though I was not sure that it would work because my family were scattered throughout the nation; but the Lord gradually began to bring my family together. Thus within ten years my family members were living back in the Cleveland area.

Prayer for a Suicide Spirit
Later while I was traveling to California and I stopped by Dallas to visit with family for a few days. While I was there the Lord showed me that the wife was committing suicide so I began to pray but I could not get the victory over that spirit. It was only after several years that I realized what he had shown me. The woman had started attending a Charismatic church while living in Dallas. The people were very worldly and the women would wear their shorts and cut their hair. Eventually this lady was overcome by this worldly spirit and rebelled against the way of Holiness. She had received the Holy Ghost as a child but her husband prevented her from worshiping the Lord and would not permit her to dress modestly. One time he even forced her to pay a visit to our father's house wearing shorts. Her rebellion against what she had been taught would have fatal consequences for her in the future.

The Children & Scarlet Fever
It was springtime when I returned home from Florida. It was during this time that my children fell victim to Scarlet Fever. A couple of the brothers in the Church came by the house to pray for my children, but I was reluctant to let them pray for my children because on their way to my home they had taken their children to the doctor in order to inoculate them against Scarlet Fever. I felt that if they did not have enough faith to trust God to heal their children I was not convinced that their prayers would do any good.

After they had left the Lord told me that if I would pray and anoint my children with oil that they would recover. He also told me that I would have to see my children suffer because my strength was small. During my time that my children were afflicted with Scarlet Fever several people in our church urged me to take them to the doctor because my children ran the risk of suffering permanent damage to their brains or they would become mentally retarded because their temperatures were extremely high. Our pastor Brother Littlefield even offered to help pay for the medical expenses if we chose to take them to the doctor. But I told him that the Lord had told me that my children would be all right. Finally, I told everybody not to worry about my children because God was going to take care of them.

One night toward the end of this sickness my son Ronnie got up out of bed and began to walk the floor because his head was hurting him terribly. He was carrying his small Bible and he was praying for God to take away the pain. While I was lying in the bed my wife punched me and told me to go pray for him so that the pain would stop. So I went and laid my hand on his head an prayed for him and the pain ceased. During the night the puss that was inside his head as a result of the fever drained out of his ear. Of all the children Gerald suffered the most from the fever, which had caused several cracks to appear in his lips. Eventually all the children including Gerald, who at that time was a baby recovered from the fever

A Vision of a Great Anointing to Come
One night while we were still attending Brother Littlefield's church I was praising God and an anointing came down upon my hands and it felt like that my hands were on fire. Although I knew that this was the anointing of God I did not know how to react. Later however, the Lord told me that when this anointing came upon me again that I would be able to lay my hands on sick people including the mentally retarded and they would be healed. The Lord also told me that no spirit would be able to resist this anointing and it would drive the evil spirits from the bodies of the sick people when I would lay hands on them.

Moving to the Church with 2 Doors
For a while we attended church the pastor taught the Bible class on Sunday mornings. Eventually I felt that the Bible class was becoming a source of strife and contention because the pastor and I would often refer to scriptures that seemed to conflict with each other. I was fearful that strife would come between us.

It was about this time that the Lord instructed me to leave. The Lord instructed me to go across town to a church with two doors and to help the pastor of that church. Eventually the Lord led me to a small church in a valley near Gun Hollow called The Pentecostal Tabernacle. I arrived at the church when they were conducting a midweek prayer meeting. When I entered the building I saw two natural brothers whom I had previously met at a fellowship meeting. After he greeted me, the pastor told me that he had been praying for God to send a minister who had never preached before in that church. In my message I preached on what the Pentecostal Tabernacle should be according to the Bible plan of salvation. I also referred to Acts 2:38 in my message.

I wondered if I was at the right church because there was only one entrance door to this church building. During conversations I discovered that the church had had a great revival, which took place two or three months prior to my preaching at the church. When it was time to conduct the baptismal service there were about 50 candidates for baptism. The pastor told me that before the baptismal service began that he had told the people that they should form two lines. Those who wanted to be baptized in Jesus' Name should come over to his line and those who wanted to be baptized in the titles (Matthew. 28:19) should go over in to the line of one of the ministers who had conducted this revival. It was at this point in the conversation that the Lord showed me that these baptismal formulas were the two doors to the Kingdom that he had previously shown me. This let me know that I was at the right church. As a result of these things the Pentecostal Tabernacle became our home church. I sat on the platform with the other ministers worshiping the Lord and helping to pray for the sick and for those who needed deliverance.

When the Lord instructed me to leave the Trinity Pentecostals and join with the Jesus's name church it was difficult for me to do because I was aware of the reproach that I would suffer.

The Spirit of the Lord said; "Be not as the Trinity, who hear and do not obey." He also show me 3 pigs in a pig pen and ask me; "How long will you stay around the Trinity pig pen?" In time I obeyed the Lord.

Meeting Bro. William Henry
One day some time after this I passed by Sam Officer's church, which was located near King Edward Avenue. Brother Officer was standing in the church-yard talking with Brother Leonard Roberts and a Brother William Henry. As it turned out Brother Henry was holding a revival at Brother Officer's church.

Two days after this incident I was having trouble starting my car because the battery was low. As I was working on my car Brother Henry drove up and he asked me to come and pray for his wife who was sick with a kidney infection and she was also pregnant. At first I was reluctant to go and pray for Sister Henry but Brother Henry said that the Lord had instructed him to ask me to come and pray for his wife. Furthermore, Brother Henry told me that if I would go with him that he would help me get my car started. So I agreed to go although I was certain that my prayers would be of no use. So I went with Brother Henry to the church where he and his family were staying.

When Sister Henry came out of the back of the church into the sanctuary the Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I began to weep with compassion for Sister Henry. Once I had stopped weeping I knew that Sister Henry was healed and when I came back to church that night I saw that she was indeed completely healed and the swelling that was caused by the kidney infection had gone down. After the revival was finished Brother Henry asked me to travel with him on the evangelistic field and I agreed to do so. Even though I knew that the call of God was upon my life I also knew that I was not yet anointed to preach.

Delivering My Father-in-Law thru Prayer
It was at this time that my family lived on Eighteenth Street around the corner from my father-in-law John McDonald. While we were living there I had a vision in which my father-in-law and his neighbor were engaged in a dispute over a boundary marker that separated their property. In the vision I also saw my father-in-law pick up an ax to swing at his neighbor. As a result of what the Lord had shown me I began to pray and the dispute ended up being resolved in a peaceful manner.

Not long after this my wife and I went to visit her parents and while we were sitting on their front porch I saw in a vision my father-in-law having a stroke and falling on the floor. After we returned home I told my wife that her father was going to have a stroke in the near future. About a month later I told my wife that the Lord had revealed to me that her father John McDonald was going to have a stroke and that the Lord wanted me to tell my wife that if she would call the pastor of Big Springs Church Of God and ask him to go to the hospital and pray for her father that the Lord would heal him. Not long after this conversation took place my father-in-law had a stroke and he began to get worse as time went on. I urged my wife to call Pastor John Pig who was the pastor of big Springs Church Of God, but she was unwilling to do so because her family had no use for the things of God and she was fearful of their reaction.

One Sunday afternoon while we were at the hospital several Church Of God ministers were out in the hallway and I asked my wife to let me go and ask the ministers to come in and pray for her father. But she refused to let me do so because she feared her family's reaction. The next day while I was sitting in the hospital room with my father-in-law one of the pastors came by to visit and before he left he suggested that we pray for John McDonald. When he made this suggestion the Lord let me know that it was all right for me to help him pray for my father-in-law. So we gathered around both sides of the bed and began to pray even though there was nothing unusual taking place. After we had finished praying and the minister had left the Lord showed me that my father-in-law would be all right and that he would return home. The Lord showed me this while my father-in-law John McDonald was lying unconscious in the hospital and about four days later my father-in-law was discharged from the hospital and sent home

Prayer Experience with Elder Vernie Hyde
Once when I had a job in Athens running a particular route, I took my father with me to collect the money. We stopped at a Black couple's home to collect the money and we discovered that they could not pay their bill. The lady told me that her husband had dropsy of the heart and that all their money had to be used to purchase medicine. I then asked her if I could bring my father into the house and pray for her husband and the lady agreed to let me do so. So I brought my father in and we prayed for the man who was sitting dazed in a rocking chair and then we left. The next week when I returned the woman's husband answered the door and he was healed.

Prayer Experiences with Bro. William Henry
Once while I was with Brother Henry we stopped by a certain minister's home in Gadsden Alabama to visit. During our visit we discovered that the minister's wife was anemic with hardly any skin color. As she was mentioning other people who had blood problems Brother Henry told her that she had no blood trouble and then she explained her situation to us. Then Brother Henry stood up and asked the Lord why he had lied to the woman when he said that she had no problem? Then he informed the woman that just as God's servant had said that she had no problem, .so she had no problem. Then Brother Henry instructed her to raise her hands and praise God and the color would return to her skin. So she obeyed and as she was worshipping the color returned to her skin and she was healed.

Once when Brother Henry and I were in Stevenson Alabama a man in a vision appeared in the room where Brother Henry and I were sitting. When the man walked into the room I spoke to him and called him by name even though I had never seen him before. At one time this man had traveled with Brother Henry on the evangelistic field. As I spoke to the man he came over and laid down on the bed between Brother Henry and myself. Then I explained to Brother Henry the vision that I just had and I told him that the brother who appeared in the room in the vision was sick and that he needed Brother Henry's help. A few days after the revival was over Brother Henry traveled to Gadsden Alabama to see this brother who was his friend and he found him in a hospital. The man was in a coma but Brother Henry prayed for him and God healed and restored him.

It was about this time that I also met Brother Henry Greg and we traveled together for a while. During the time that I was traveling with these other ministers I was not anointed to preach but the Lord was telling me things. I would however, sing and testify in the service before the minister got up to preach.

First Preaching on the Street

I remember when the Lord first instructed me to preach on the street, it was almost impossible for me to do. One time the Lord sent me to Scotsboro, Alabama to preach on the town square. So I went but I was unable to say anything even though the square was packed with people. Some time later I went back to Scotsboro to preach on the street and I was determined not to return home until I had obeyed God. So I asked the Lord to help me and immediately a man with a banjo came up and I asked him to play a Gospel song. After he had finished playing, I was able with the Lord's help to preach to the people. It was also during this time that I began to preach at the Town Square. At first I had trouble getting started But when I reached the corner of the square I suddenly gave a yell and then I was able to preach boldly. When I looked around I noticed that a crowd of people had gathered in the square listening to what I was saying. I began rebuking the city authorities for licensing the sale of beer and then authorizing the arrests of those people who became drunk. I also said that the officials were the ones who should be arrested for allowing the people to buy the beer and become drunk. A few days after this the authorities sent word to me that I was not to return to the Town Square to preach.

Vision of My Strength Increasing
One day while I was in Gadsden Alabama, the Lord showed me a vision of a bull with horns and I was warned to stay away from the bull. But I was not afraid of the bull and I walked out into the pasture to meet the bull and the bull prepared to charge and to gore me with his horns. But I grabbed the horns on the bull's head and I shook his head and I told the bull that if he bothered me that I would twist those horns right out of his head. Then the bull retreated. This represented the strength that the Lord was giving me to fight the devil.

A few years prior to my moving from Cleveland I began praying and asking the Lord to allow me to work on a job because our financial situation was bleak and I was ashamed that I could not support my family. Then one night the Lord woke me up with an audible voice and he told me that he wanted me to do as the apostles did to"give myself continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word"(Acts 6-4). The Lord also told me that he would make a living for me and the he would take care of my family even though I would not like the way that he would do it.

Luke Buckner's Miracle
One time while I was sitting in my living room when I had a vision in which I was sitting in Brother Mccan's church during a particular service. Brother Luther Buckner was sitting beside me on the bench and while we were sitting there the Lord told me to look at Brother Buckner's hand. So I turned sideways and looked at his right hand and all of his fingers on that hand were swollen.

On the evening of the day that I had this vision I went to church and I was told that Brother Buckner was in the hospital and that he had had an accident that afternoon at Brown's Foundry, which was where he worked. He had gotten his hand caught in a steel press and the roller under the press had rolled back onto his fingers and it flattened his hand. When he went to the doctor the doctor told him that the only thing that could be done was to amputate the fingers on his hand and so they scheduled the surgery for the next morning.

During the service that night I shared with the congregation the vision that the Lord had shown me concerning Brother Buckner's hand and I told them that he would not lose his fingers. Then Brother Mccan urged the congregation to pray for Brother Buckner's hand so that he would not lose his fingers. By the time Brother Mccan had finished speaking I had already sat down; but I rose again to my feet and I told Brother Mccan that whether the church prayed or not; God told me that Brother Buckner would not lose his fingers.

So the next morning around seven A.M. I visited Brother Buckner in the hospital and I told him that when they took him into surgery to amputate his fingers; that he was not going to lose his fingers. However, he did not believe me, but I told him not to worry, that God was going to let him keep his fingers. So when it came time for the surgery and the doctor un-wrapped Brother Buckner's hand it was discovered that although his fingers were in terrible condition they could still be saved. Brother Buckner told me that after this experience that his confidence in me had increased as a result of this particular miracle.

A Vision of the Garden of Eden & Jonah's Descent
One day while we were still living on Eighteenth Street I was seeking the Lord and he carried me in the Spirit into the Garden of Eden and everything was so beautiful. The flowers emitted a beautiful fragrance and the trees were beautiful and green. Furthermore, the fragrance of the Garden of Eden remained with me on my clothes even after the vision had left me. Also the fragrance remained in the house for about thirty minutes before it dissipated. On another day I had a similar experience accept that I was in the ocean and I was falling down into the water traveling through all the undergrowth until like Jonah I landed in the belly of the whale. After I was delivered from the whale's belly and had returned into the room that fishy smell lingered in the house. These two experiences caused me to be filled with amazement at what God had done.

Prayer Experiences for My Wife
At about this time my wife and I were experiencing some difficulties because she believed that I should work and provide a living for her. I tried to explain to my wife that the Lord would no longer allow me to work on a full-time job (my wife was having to be the bread winner for the family.) When Brother Henry and I would travel together I would refuse to take any of the money that we received from offerings because I felt that his family needed the money more than my family did. This was due to the fact that unlike my wife, Sister Henry was not working. So as a result I would return home without any money and sometimes my wife would give me a cold reception.

I remember one day when I came home all the children seemed happy to see me but my wife had walked out into the kitchen when I walked in the door. Before I went into the kitchen to see my wife I laid my suitcase down in the living room floor and then when I went to see my wife she suggested that I should get my bags and leave and not return. Even though my wife's words hurt me I understood how she felt because I knew that she did not understand what the Lord was doing in my life. Then I told my wife that if she really wanted me to leave that she needed to go pick up my suitcase and set it outside the door and I would leave. But my wife was unable to do so because she still loved me even though she felt that I was not being a proper husband and provider for her. But I held to God's promise that he would provide for my family.

Not long after this my wife had a toothache, which was caused by a filling falling out of one of her jaw teeth. As a result she was in a lot of pain and would hold her head and I urged her to use our grocery money and have the dentist pull that tooth. But she refused to do so and as a result she was in pain for to or three days. On the Wednesday night of this particular week I went to church and when I returned home my wife was sitting in a rocking chair holding her jaw (she would place aspirins on her jaw to help ease the pain.) During this time I attempted on several occasions to persuade my wife to allow me to pray for her but she refused because she was upset with me.

Later in the week as I returned home from Church the Lord told me to go over and to pray for my wife without asking her permission. So I walked across the room and laid my hand on her forehead and said "in the name of Jesus be healed." Afterwards I left the room and went into the kitchen to fix me a sandwich and my wife walked in and told me that she would also fix herself a sandwich and I noticed that she was not holding her head. So the Lord healed my wife's tooth and it never bothered her again and about six months later she was able to go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled.

On another occasion my wife took sick one morning. The symptoms were those of a kidney stone. I prayed all day for her and later called four people to pray for her. These people came to the house and prayed for her several times over a three hour period. But there was no help. About 9 o'clock that night I began to sing the song, "I know he heard my earnest prayer." She was healed.

Prayer for my Mother-in-law
It was about this time that my mother-in-law Ivy McDonald became ill and for two weeks she ran a high fever. While she was sick the Lord showed me a vision of my mother-in-law with her dress on fire. God instructed me to go pray for her. So one day I went over to her house while she was alone and I asked her if she believed in God and she replied that she did. I told her that God wanted me to pray for her. I asked her if she would allow me to pray for her and she agreed to do so. I told her that after I prayed for her that her strength would return to her body. I told her that when I returned to see her on the weekend that she would once again have her full strength. So I laid my hand upon her and asked Gd to heal her and then I left the house. About two days later my wife and I went to see her and she was up working in the house. She said that she felt okay. Just as the Lord had said all of her strength was restored to her.

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